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iFreeUp is an excellent app to optimize your iOS device by deleting all those unnecessary files taking up space needed to make your iPhone, iPod, or iPad run well.

This tool is divided in two main tabs: Quick Clean and File Manager. The first option scans your device to locate and delete any junk files or security threats. At the same time, this process optimizes your device's performance.

After scanning your iPhone or iPod, iFreeUp divides the results into different categories: junk files, event logs, anti-theft and privacy features, and clearing of app error logs. The tool also includes an interesting option to 'shred' photos, clearing all information related to your already-deleted pictures that have left debris in your cache.

The File Manager, the other feature provided by this tool, lets you access all your installed apps as well as your pictures, music, videos, podcasts, and books. This makes it easy for you to manage all the content on your device, deleting or even importing/exporting content.
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